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Brad W.E Read

Managing Director

Principal Building Designer & Interior Designer

Practice Manager

Brad is one of three Directors at BRD Group and was the visionary for the brand having launched the company in 2000 after 15+ years industry experience. Brad built the business to serve the needs of a niche in the market, while creating a work culture that would support team members to not only grow but thrive through mentorship and to gain some flexibility in his professional life. While he did not anticipate the growth when he pioneered the business 22 years ago, he is proud to have established a market leading business in such a competitive industry. 

Brad has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Built Environment and a Bachelor of Architecture and holds an open class Building Design License with the QBCC. Brad is well-decorated with accolades and industry awards and is well-respected for his problem-solving skills, creativity and his ability to deliver stunning outcomes that fuse practicality with innovation. His knowledge across building design and interior design has seen him establish an impressive portfolio of work that continues to accumulate year after year. 

A normal business day for Brad is often hectic, long, busy and multi-faceted however it is an environment he is passionate about working with people that genuinely love what they do which makes it all worth it. While there are days where Brad would rather be camping and fishing up at Fraser or enjoying fresh seafood in the colder climate of Tasmania, he certainly feels accomplished to have such a cohesive unit of people working towards the same goals. Brad finds great fulfilment in solving problems and uncovering unique solutions, while having the opportunity to mentor and work with up-and-coming designers fuels the fire. 

Brad is currently a Director and the Vice President of the Building Designers Association of Australia and is proud to also be a member of the Sunshine Coast chapter committee. This involvement allows Brad to give back to his industry as he has done throughout his career. Brad was previously the State President of the Building Designers of Queensland and during his time serving as President initiated the Association's first Head Office while hiring the first employee in the Associations history. Being a fundamental part of progressing the building design industry across the state and nationally is an element of his career that Brad will certainly cherish for years to come.

Brenden J. Creed


Principal Building Designer

Brisbane Office Manager

Brenden joined the team as Director when the original business had grown itself into BRD Group. Brenden's experience and wealth of knowledge spans across Australia and the UK, having worked in London for several years prior to returning to the Sunshine Coast and then finally settling in Brisbane. A decorated professional, Brenden holds Building Design qualifications and an open class Building Design License with the QBCC. He is also a licensed Building Designer in Victoria through the VBA. 

A strong advocate of the design industry, Brenden has been the chair of Advocacy for Building Design Queensland for 5 years, becoming a Fellow of the organisation during this time. Brenden currently holds the National Chair for Advocacy for the BDAA. He admits his role in these associations is to encourage, support and promote the profession of building design and to provide channels to educate and guide those who work within the industry. This ethos is certainly evident within his own team as BRD Group staff are encouraged to seek ongoing professional development and supported as they continue a constant learning journey. 

As a Director, Brenden finds his days revolve around managing staff and their workflow, client liaison, concept development and as a Principal Designer he is always working in the design space. A source of knowledge for his team, Brenden demonstrates unrivalled experience and skill in building design, documentation and design management. Having delivered countless award-winning designs, Brenden's experience spans across Master-Planned Developments, Industrial, Commercial, Corporate Retail, Large Scale Shopping Centres, Hospitality, Aged Care, Childcare, Service Station, Fast Food Developments, Multi-Residential and Residential projects. 


Cameron C. Lincoln


Principal Building Designer

Sunshine Coast Office Manager

Cameron is the newest Director to join BRD Group, bringing with him decades of practical industry experience coupled with his passion for aesthetics, functionality and ingenuity. Originally a carpenter by trade and having previously held his open building license, Cameron brings knowledge and experience through various capacities, however since the early 2000's his heart has been in building design. Driven by his love for design, Cameron launched a local building design company on the Sunshine Coast in 2008, specialising in residential projects. He successfully ran this business until the decision to merge with BRD Group in 2020. 

Holding a low-rise Building Design License with the QBCC, Cameron is our specialist in residential projects. Having experience as a carpenter and registered builder, Cameron certainly has a competitive advantage over other designers as he views projects not only from a design perspective, but also applying structural integrity and practical implementation of the build into the design concepts. A current Chairman and Delegate of the Sunshine Coast Building Designers Association of Australia, Cameron is on a constant learning journey, always honing his skills, advancing his knowledge and sharing that insight with the team around him. 

Cameron thrives on the diversity and the fast pace within his day. Leading a team of professionals that are excited and motivated to sink their teeth into any project that comes their way, while liaising with clients that trust and rely on his expertise is both rewarding and challenging alike. Surrounding himself with a team that hold diverse skills and abilities, Cameron promotes the collaborative approach and likes giving the team opportunities to explore their own ideas in a way that will educate and inspire. 

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