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Our story shows a brand that from humble beginnings has experienced organic growth and increasing demand due to the experience, specialisations, talent, knowledge and commitment to foster a positive culture from our Directors. Their united approach to attracting great talent and dedication to encouraging and facilitating professional development is certainly a driving force in the holistic success of the business. 

In 2000, after more than 15 years' experience in a multi office architectural organisation, Brad Read, our brand visionary, was motivated to launch his own boutique design business, Brad Read Design Pty Ltd. His goal was to create a brand that would not only produce stunning and thought-provoking designs, but also assemble an environment that would advance the skills of talented professionals who would share in his vision. The team would unite their passion and enthusiasm for solving problems and tackling design challenges to achieve cutting edge solutions and captivating designs that would undoubtably command attention. 

Brad and his team quickly gained traction within a niche market of clients that were seeking diverse skills, exceptional service and solutions across both public and private sectors. The Brad Read name quickly became synonymous with stunning designs and the brand increasingly became more sought-after. With rapid growth and increasing demand, Brad strategically teamed up with Director, Brenden Creed in 2008 forming BRD Group. Brenden strengthened the brand's corporate offering, invigorating the team and introducing another facet of experience to the brand, having worked in the building design industry for over a decade both nationally and internationally. Brad and Brenden shared the same vision, maintaining their focus on cultivating a strong corporate culture and internal skills base that is fuelled by collaboration and thriving on delivering projects that inspire and excite. 


In 2020 BRD Group again experienced another expansion with the merger of BRD Group and industry leading residential building design company Chilli Freaks, owned and managed by Cameron Lincoln. Cameron became the third Director at BRD Group, joining forces with Brad and Brenden while bringing his own unique skill set to strengthen the business portfolio. Cameron has an extensive body of work, with hands on building experience and countless new residential constructions and renovation designs, bringing another layer of proficiency to the business. Cameron supports the growth of the team, sharing in the vision to mentor and develop talent internally, giving the team opportunities to grow and hone their skills in a supportive environment, while also remaining focused on the residential and renovation markets.


As we celebrate 22 years of ambitious growth and immeasurable success, we now lead the way forward, through maintaining a focus on exploring, understanding and staying ahead of the curve on new building materials, construction and design trends, methodology, building codes and legislation coupled with our ability to achieve inventive and innovative solutions for our clients within their budgets, within a collaborative team environment.


At BRD Group our ability to deliver excellence is fuelled by innovation, collaboration, communication and dedication. As a collective of industry professionals, we take pride in our performance and strive to not only meet our client expectations but to exceed them. It's these values and our ability to effectively partner with our clients and truly understand their needs that ensures our reputation remains that of the best in the business. 

Since launching in 2000, BRD Group have time and time again solidified our position in the market as innovative leaders who deliver project outcomes that inspire, evoke emotion and push boundaries. Our award-winning reputation attracts new business and repeat business alike. With the respect within the group and the collaborative environment, this makes BRD Group a conducive place to unite ideas and let the creativity flow, producing spectacular projects across all sectors.

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