BRD Group Design Group's Building Design of this Duplex at Airlie Summit

Building Design 


BRD Group use an emphatic and mindful approach in order to provide design solutions that not only suit client needs and budgets, but also designs that are responsive to the environment.


Our company have an award-winning multi-disciplinary portfolio, and are able to develop designs for Residential, Commercial and Institutional projects. 


For examples of the type of projects that BRD Group produce, and further information, please visit our Portfolio pages or our Blog. 

QA & Sustainability

BRD Group have independent third party certification from BSI International with respect to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015.  This certification covers the provision of Building and Interior Design as well as Design Project Management.


BRD Group also have a PQC Level 3 rating with the Queensland State Government for Building Design work.


BRD Group takes sustainability seriously and ensures all projects are designed with the environment in mind. Our Brisbane Director Brenden Creed is an endorsed sustainable building designer through the Building Designers Association of Queensland and has been trained in the practice of sustainable design.

BRD Group Associations and Memberships