Using Timber Battens

July 6, 2018

Although they have a long and traditional history, the way timber battens are being used on facades, walls and ceilings in homes today is thoroughly modern.


Boasting warm, natural good looks, timber battens can also help with privacy and acoustic protection, to sun and light control.



So, what is a timber batten?


A batten is a strip of material, historically wood but also of other materials such as aluminium, which is used in construction.  When multiple timber battens are used together in a series they create a linear effect that adds texture, dimension and rhythm to a façade or interior.



A wide range of woods can be used, with each offering a different colour, grain and texture.


Spacing, or the distance between each individual batten will not only affect the aesthetics and ancillary function but also the overall cost.



There are various facing surfaces of timber battens to choose from, including square or rectangular flat-block, concave and convex, and angled or pitched surfaces.


Battens are also available in modular, prefabricated systems which are quicker and easier to install than a custom design. Timber, dimension, profile and spacing can be specified, including combinations of material, spacing and sizing to achieve a specific look.


As a cladding material, timber battens can add texture, natural colour, interest and privacy, or used to create a ‘ceiling’ above an outdoor room, providing shade but allowing the sun to shine through.



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