Beautiful Bordered Garden Ideas

November 29, 2017

Wanting to upgrade your fence or frame an outdoor space?


Here are a few boundary ideas to get you started.


We tend to place our emphasis on the landscaping and plants, but how we frame our outdoor space can have just as much impact on how it looks and feels.


Traditional fencing has its place, but a more modern alternative can create a big impact. Horizontal slats will give your garden a contemporary feel, and lead the eye around it, making the space seem wider but still cosy and contained.



Climbing plants can also cover up ugly or bland fencing, and is great for utilising vertical space in a small area. Once established, the climbing plants can wind their way along the surfaces to create a luscious, green walkway. 



A hardy box hedge can be a simple way to add more structure to a garden. The traditional hedge is often high, but a low border can assist to frame a paved area and add a more formal feel. 



While walls and fences in gardens tend to be white, grey, terracotta or brown, the trend for darker paints in exteriors is breaking out in gardens too. Not only do they provide a dramatic backdrop for greenery, they create a feeling of space.



What do you think of some of these ideas?


This article first appeared on Houzz.








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